About the TVMRS.

Trent Valley Model Railway Society is a forward thinking group that operates at Weeford, between Lichfield and Tamworth, in Staffordshire on Tuesday & Thursday evenings between 7pm and whenever the final member leaves.

The club operates a large permanent 00 gauge layout and a number of other more portable layouts in 00 and N gauge (the club’s Brian Street DCC 00 gauge layout was on show at the 2022 Warley National Model Railway Show where its double helix construction gained a great deal of attention). 

The club also organises a successful Annual Exhibition in Lichfield around about the 3rd Saturday. The club has a growing and vibrant Junior group who are about to embark on their own layout construction project.  The club is looking to expand its membership in both Junior and Senior groups for both 00 and N gauges. 

We have also formed a partnership with Hackworth Model Railway Group so that we can pool our resources in taking Model Railway Layouts to exhibitions.

Our Layouts are:

Weeford Town (OO gauage DC): Weeford Town is a fictious location somewhere near Lichfield. This layout is the main club layout and parts of it can trace its routes back many years from various previous layouts.

Brian Street (OO gauage DCC): Brian Street is a ficitous location somewhere between Birmingham New Street and Birmingham International train stations. A modern era layout with a heritage railway attached. Attended Warley 2022.

Kinnear Shed (OO gauage DCC): A steam era locomotive depot in development.

Trent Valley (N gauage, aiming at DC and DCC): A new project at its early stages depicting Lichfield Trent Valley Station in the early 1960.

Hackworth Junction & Blenkinsop Colliery Full Layout (OO gauge DCC):
Single to double line Junction with colliery branch geographically located in Derbyshire. DCC Sound locomotives, lighting and ancillary sound effects.

Baggies TMD (OO gauge DCC): A modern diesel depot.

Layout built by members:

Welby Street (OO gauge DCC): A suburban stationset the Midlands during the transition period from Steam to Diesel or alternatively 1940’s LMS.

Cathedral City (HO gauage DCC): An American modular layout.

Buckland Road (O gauage DCC): A transition era locomotive depot.

Below is a video produced by by Christopher Wright of the former club President, Bill Kinnear talking about the club.